Privacy Policy

We take the protection of your personal data (title, name, E-Mail address, address, etc.) very seriously and comply with existing laws and regulations. In general, the use of our website is possible without having to disclose any personal information. In the event of personal data acquisition, the disclosure of personal data is always voluntary. We protect your personal data and do not sell or relay personal data to third parties. It should be noted that an unencrypted transmission of data (in the form of E-Mails, for example) could be compromised by third parties. In this event, a protection of personal data cannot be guaranteed.

Server log files

The provider of our website autonomously saves data in log files on the server of our website. This data is automatically sent to our provider by your browser. The sent data usually contains information about:

  • Your IP-address
  • The time of a server inquiry
  • The inquiring browser version
  • The inquiring operating system
  • The hostname of an inquiring computer
This data is not personal in nature. We do not compare this data with the data of other sources. In the event of illegal activities, we reserve the right to evaluate this data.


Change cookie settings.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files which are saved locally on your computer. They allow our website to identify your computer after you visit our website again. The information found in cookies is limited to that which our website itself writes into these cookies. Therefore, none of your personal data can be obtained by our website through the use of cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to save the laguage settings of a user. Although our website automatically detects the language setting of a user's browser, this sometimes doesn't correspond to a user's preferences, or a user itself may wish to control the language setting. In this case it is possible for oneself to choose a language setting. In order to save this selection, we use a cookie so that the chosen language is maintained from page to page.

How are cookies removed?

The cookie we use is automatically removed at the end of a session.
To directly remove or prohibit the creation of cookies, the cookie settings of your browser must be changed. The changing of these settings is browser dependant and can be found a the documentation or help section of your browser.

Matomo (previously Piwik)

Our website uses the open source web analytic software Matomo.

Matomo uses cookies. Information about the use of our website is saved on our server using these cookies. Before being saved, any information we collect is anonymised, including your IP-Address.

The usage of Matomo cookies complies with Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO. As the operator of this website it is in our interest to observe the anonymised usage of our website in order to optimize our offerings and potentially advertising.

No information saved in Matomo cookies will be transfered by using this website.

Here you can deactivate the saving and usage of your data. Your browser will set an opt-out cookie which prevents Matomo from saving any of your usage data. If you delete your cookies, this opt-out cookie is also deleted. If you visit our website again, you will have to set this opt-out cookie once again to prevent the saving of your data.

External links

This website contains links to third party websites. SPH Pressroom Parts is not liable for the content of these third party websites. By visiting these third party websites, data such as your IP-address, etc. is also saved by them. This privacy policy applies only to this website (

Obtaining information about, blocking, or deleting personal data

You always have the right to obtain free information about your saved personal data, its source, the addressee, and its use. You also have the right to have this data blocked, corrected, or deleted. In this regard, you can contact us anytime.