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Paper Turn Discs

Product Paper Puck

The Paper Puck allows the paper handler to tun paper rolls easily and safely. The ease of movement minimizes the possibility of a serious injury. One injury resulting from moving a roll without the Paper Puck can be devastating in lost time and medical liabilities. Damage of the outer wrap of paper is virtually eliminated. Cast of an alu-mag alloy, the Paper Puck will provide years of dependable service.

Advantages of the Paper Puck

  • Allows roll to be turned in any direction with ease even in a confined area such as a roll stand.
  • Minimizes damage to outer wrap of paper.
  • Reduces risk of work related injury.
  • Three sizes available 8", 12" and 16" diameter.
  • Durable construction provides years of service.

Directions for Use

  • Slip Paper Puck under roll of paper.
  • Then roll paper on to the Paper Puck.
  • Paper roll is now ready to turn in any direction with ease.

Special NOTE: For rolls under 36 inches, use the 8" Paper Puck. For rolls over 36 inches, use the 12" or 16" Paper Puck. The concave surface "cradles" the roll so it will not roll on and then off.


 Price Each

8" Paper Puck $130.25  
12" Paper Puck $183.20  
16" Paper Puck $368.10